Suleiman is a small business owner, entrepreneur, and a Bold Progressive

Suleiman came to the US in 1999 as a teenager during the Somali Civil War. This experience made a lasting impact on his personal life and professional career. 

About Suleiman

Suleiman Isse is a candidate running for the Minnesota Senate in District 59. Suleiman earned his BA in Business Administration from St. Thomas University in 2012. He is a small business owner, entrepreneur, and a non-profit administrator.

Suleiman came to the US in 1999 as a teenager during the Somali Civil War. This experience made a lasting impact on his personal life and professional career. While navigating this transition, Suleiman became aware of a great need for better interpreting services for recent immigrants. In addition, he saw the deep trauma that victims of war face as they immigrate to a new country. 

Suleiman saw an opportunity to create access to services through entrepreneurship. A year after graduating from college in 2013, Suleiman started an interpreting and translation services company. By the fall of 2015, his company had received the primary contract with Blue Cross/Blue Shield in the State of Minnesota. At this time he was employing and managing over 100 employees, providing crucial services to new Minnesotans. 

In 2015 Suleiman started Hope Therapeutic Services, a non-profit mental health clinic in the Elliot Park Neighborhood. They help to provide residents with access to crucial mental health services, more than any other provider in the region. Suleiman is passionate to help remove the stigma around mental health care through an accessible and service rich community health care model. Patients who walk through their doors are not only to refugees and recent immigrants, but come from a broader community who face unique yet manageable mental health challenges. Suleiman is proud that he is able to give back to a community that welcomed him when he came to this country in 1999.  



Racial Justice, Equity and Inclusion
As a refugee to the United States, my lived experience will serve our district well as we fight to close some of the worst in the country racial equity gaps plaguing our state. From housing, to healthcare, the environment, jobs, and civil rights, addressing issues of equity and inclusion will be an important part of everything I do as your State Senator.

I believe affordable quality housing is a human right that we must provide every Minnesotan. To address our homelessness crisis we must fully fund and expand our shelter and transitional housing systems, in collaboration with County and Municipal Governments. We must fully fund public housing, pass rent control, a tenants bill of rights, and ensure we protect senior and student housing. 

Public Education
Strong public schools are the key to our children’s success. We must fully fund public schools and wraparound services, and should not divert public funds to charter schools. To close the opportunity gaps for students of color in Minnesota we must invest in our schools and programs to train and retain more teachers of color for our students.

Legalize Marijuana
The costly war on drugs has failed, criminalizing our communities, especially in North Minneapolis. We should regulate and tax the sale of Marijuana to fund investment in critical infrastructure. We must also expunge the records of those convicted for possession and create opportunities for people of color owned businesses in the booming Marijuana market…